Exhibition-Fair Of Silk Road Was Over,Good News Still Continue!

2018-01-15 11:07:05

   24-26th,Aug this year,the third Exhibition-Fair of Silk Road countries’ Commodities was successful ending and has been highly evaluated by Chinese and foreign parties.Huahe International offers relevant srvices for enterprises at their early stage of development with its professional team and overseas resources in order to ensure that docking discussion of exhibitors and buyers and reached cooperation intention, kyrgyzstan and surrounding countries markets for the enterprise, set up a pragmatic and efficient platform for the enterprises exploit the market in Kyrgyzstan and the neighboring countries.

   Bureau of Commerce of Anji county Zhejiang provice organized high-quality enterprises to participate in the exhibition.During the exhibition, the enterprises of Anji county received about 1200 people, total volume reached $2.7 million, of which $1.6 million was real transaction and the intention was $1.1 million.The express delivery car from Anji Daobo ,the new energy electric three-wheel and four-wheel drive attract many buyers' eyeballs, also won the high evaluation of the merchants.Through this exhibition, we have established the brand image of "made in Zhejiang", which has effectively helped enterprises to expand Kyrgyzstan and Central Asian market.

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 New energy electric drive attract buyers' eyeballs

Mr.Liu Chuanwu gives his training about opportunity,risk and preventive measures about “Belt and Road”in Gansu province.

2018-01-11 16:48:35

   On 5th Dec,the President of Huahe International Business consultancy Mr.Liu Chuanwu was present at training of economic and trade frictions and legal risk prevention under the auspices of Council for the Promotion of International trad of Gansu province.Huahe International sigend strategic cooperation agreement with Council for the Promotion of International trad of Gansu province and Council for the Promotion of International trad of Lanzhou city.

   The president of Huahe International Mr Liu Chuanwu gave the special lectures about chacth the opportunity of Belt and Road and  promote opening-up and cooperation,also he pxplained solutions of characteristics of countries alongBelt and Road,cooperative field and the main problem in overseas cooperation,and analysed the events of enterprises on "Going Global" and how to assist the government to create the export-oriented economy. 


Huahe International sigend strategic cooperation agreement with Council 

for the Promotion of International trad of Gansu province 


Huahe International sigend strategic cooperation agreement with Council 

for the Promotion of International trad of Lanzhou city


The president of Huahe International Mr Liu Chuanwu gaving lessons


conference site

2th Sanya International Cultural Industry Fair hold successfully under the assistance of Huahe International

2018-01-11 15:38:32

   7th - 10th Dec, the 2th Sanya International Cultural Industry Fair ((hereafter referred to as Sanya Fair) hold at Sanya bay Mangrove Tree International Exhibition Center. The theme of this Fair is “Sanya ICIF Led Silk Road Countries Develop Trade With Culture”. And The Fair includes non-cultural heritage exhibition area, International Tourism Island Pavilion, Belt and Road Pavilion, domestic provinces and cities exhibition, animation and television technology exhibition area, Silk Road Fair pavilion, sports culture exhibition area,  Fashion Oceanview exhibition area. Eight themed exhibition area in total, and 15 Theme sub-venue.

   Huahe International, as the strategic cooperation company for the Sanya Fair, is mainly responsible for inviting foreign ambassadors to China and overseas exhibitors and assisting in the related activities. The Fair invites ambassadors and representatives from 13 countries including Russia, Greece, Romania, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Armenia, Moldova, Malaysia, Tajikistan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Ukraine. As well as exhibitors from Czechoslovakia, Malaysia, and Kyrgyzstan.

   At the "Culture + Tourism" summit forum, Huahe International and Sanya Cultural Industry Association signed a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly promote Sanya Fair to the international arena, and pragmatically assisting to the cultural exchanges and trade between sanya and the countries along the One Belt And One Road.


opening ceremony


Signing ceremony 


Ambassador of Greece Embassy is giving his speech


Counsellor of Czech Republic is introducing Prague 


Group photo of guests of international cultural+Tourism Summit


Ten outstanding cultural brand awards dinner

Huahe International  implement the event of National Development and Reform Commission of Hubei Province visit Kazahsta

2018-01-11 14:05:17

   29th Nov-8th Dec,the member and deputy director of the party group of National Development and Reform Commission of Hubei Province Mr.Wang Yuxiang took 6 members visit Kazahstan, Czech Republic and Israel for 10 days.

   First they visited Chinese consulate general in Almaty and warmly welcome by  consul general Mr.zhang wei,The two sides exchanged views on the current situation of economic and trade of two governments and the future direction of development between Kazahstan and China.In addition,the delegation visited Almaty chamber of Commerce and Investment , Atamekeh Entrepreneur Association and Kazakhstan Investment Group State-owned Co.,LTD to communicated.

   And then, the delegation went to Czech and held friendly talk with the Czech Republic Chamber of Commerce, PM group,  SINO-CZECH ECONOMIC TRADE & CULTURAL EXCHANGE ASSO.The delegation made deeply understading on Czech's economic structure and development of business associations. During the talks with Czech Republic chamber of Commerce, the two sides introduced their respective superior industries, and initially identified cooperation intentions in automobile manufacturing, chemical industry, general aviation, hot spring town, tourism and other fields.

   In the end,the delegation went to Israel,visited Economic commercial Counsellor’s Office of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the state of Israel and  had a panel discussion with the Jerusalem Chamber of Commerce,Jerusalem Business Innovation Support Center and Israel Atlantium Company ,communicate ahout investment opportunity in Israel,they hope that two sides can improve the current communication, enhance mutual understanding and establish foundation to future communication bettwen Israel and China. 

   Entrusted by the National Development and Reform Commission of Hubei Province,Huahe  International are responsible for planning and implementing the delegation’s visit.This visit will create a new platform for promotion of Hubei's development under the guidance of "One Belt and One Road" strategy and enhancement of cooperation with Kazakhstan, Czech Republic and Israel.



Delegation visit Chinese consulate general in Almaty


Delegation visit Almaty chamber of Commerce and Investment


Delegation held meeting with Atamekeh Entrepreneur Association


Delegation take group photo with Kazakhstan Investment Group State-owned Co.,LTD



Delegation visit Czech Republic Chamber of Commerce


Talk with PM Group



Delegation visit Economic commercial Counsellor’s Office of the Embassy of

 the People’s Republic of China in the state of Israel 


               Delegation held meeting with Jerusalem Chamber of Commerce

Huahe International was invited to participate “going global” training in Karamay

2017-12-06 14:43:15

 On November 21, the deputy general manager li Qiang,director of project department Yang Fei,deputy general manager assistant Li XiaoPing of Huahe International business consultancy visited the Bureau of Commerce of Karamay to do the trainning about general situation of central aisa and the necessity of  the consulting in “going global” for more than 30  enterprise.

 Director of project department Yang Fei deeply explained the current situation of Central Asia、Central Asian market and how to exploit business there on the training meeting. The representatives of enterprises would like to use this opportunity and exploit external market with the help of platforms that created by Huahe International during the meeting.


The leader of Karamy Bureau of Commerce is giving his speech 


Director of project department Mr Yang Fei is giving his speech

Huahe International Boosts “The Belt and Road” Industrial Park Development Alliance International Cooperation and Sponso

2017-12-01 10:38:13

  On 20th September, Liu Chuanwu, the president of Huahe International Business Consultancy was invited to 2017 Euro-Asia Economic Comprehensive Park Development Forum and had a speech at “The Belt and Road” Industrial Park Development Round Table Conference. “The Belt and Road” Industrial Park Development Alliance was established during the conference .

  Liu Chuanwu is employed as a counselor of the Alliance International Exchanges and Cooperation Committee. And the Alliance also established the Secretariat (Beijing) Office, Secretariat (Xi`an) Office, Secretariat (U.S) Office, and Secretariat (Xinjiang) Office. Secretariat (Xinjiang) Office is located in the headquarter of Huahe International, Urumqi. Meanwhile, there are Alliance offices in Huahe brunch offices, Almaty, Kazakhstan and Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.


  On 21th September, “The Belt and Road” Private Equity Fund Xi`an First High-End Summit Forum was convened in Chanba Ecological District, Xi`an. Huahe International Business Consultancy and Xi`an Financial Holdings Co., Ltd. Signed a MOU about establishing the “Qianshi Fund”. The two parties intend to attract the participation from all sides  including cooperate with the national governments along the countries of “The Belt and Road”, as well as the Sovereign Wealth Fund to promote “The Belt and Road” project.


The president of Huahe International Business Consultancy Mr. Liu Chuanwu gave a speech at the meeting.


Group photo of all guests


Huahe International signed a memorandum of cooperation with XI'AN FINANCIAL HOLDINGS CO.,LTD.

Huahe International Business Consultancy and Bulgarian International Law Office signed a strategic cooperation agreement

2017-11-30 14:49:09

On 19th,September, Huahe International Business Consultancy and Bulgarian International Law Office D.Vladimirov&Partners signed a strategic cooperation agreement. 

The office will provide legal consulting service in overseas investment security problemfor “entering abroad” enterprises. 

 The headquarter of Bulgarian International Law Office D.Vladimirov&Partners is located in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. And branch offices are located in Varna,Bulgaria and Hamburg,Germany. The International law office D.Vladimirov & Partners is a dynamic, quick expanding law office in Sofia Bulgaria, focused on providing a complete legal service to clients in their core sectors. It will provide professional legal advice to enterprises in investment and tread.The service objects include: Bank and Institutions, entrepreneurs and enterprises, corporate counsel, real estate owners, developers and contractors, manufacturers and distributors, as well as research development companies. 


Huahe International Promoting Business in Qin HAI

2017-11-28 17:50:06

From 24th to 26th December, vice-general director of Huahe International Business Consulting Company Li Qiang and vice-general director of Xi`an branch Li Mingli introduced the company`s plan for 2018 in Qinhai Province, during their visit in Department of Commerce of Qinghai Province, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade- Qinghai Province, Qinghai Provincial Commission of Economy and Information Technology, Qinghai Provincial Industrial and Commercial Bureau, Qinghai Province Agricultural and Pastoral department, Qinghai Provincial Science and Technology Agency about the 5th  Issyk-kul Economy Forum, 19th Qinghai Provincial Forum, 2018 China (qinghai) Tibetan Carpet International exhibition, Overseas Promotion Conference, Going Global Training, and business investigating, etc.


group photo


group photo

International Citrus Purchasers` Conference

2017-11-24 18:00:30

International Citrus Purchasers` Conference, which planed and organized by Yichang government (Yichang Municipal Bureau of Commerce) with the assistance of Huahe international business consulting company, was held successfully from 25th to 28th October 2017 in Yichang City.

The theme of conference was Citruses of the Yichang, sweet for world. 50 fruit purchasers from 17 countries along the Belt and Road, Europe and America were gathered in Yichang. Citruses promotion seminar, project communication, citruses tasting seminar, featured agricultural products exhibition and other events were also held efficiently during the conference.

This conference is an event of the international economy and trade consulting strategic cooperation between YinchangMunicipal bureau of commerce and Huahe international business consulting company. Huahe International will help to organize investment events to enterprises from Yichang based on Chinas Going Global strategy , and promote the bilateral economic and trade cooperation by the advantage of Belt and Road sister cities as platforms.

According to the reports, a total of 100, 000 tons of citruses were purchased by fruit buyers during the conference.


                                                       signing ceremony of the scene





Live Business Conference between Chinese & foreign enterprises


Group photo of all guests 

Huahe International----Business Promotion in Beijing

2017-11-24 15:08:50

On 23-24 Oct. , Mr. He Zhen,vice-general director of Huahe International Business Consultancy went to beijing, and promoted the 2018 plan of the company. In the period of these time, he had visited Center for International Economic and Technological Cooperation, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, P.R.C.;

Center for International Cooperation,National Development and Reform Commission,P.R.C;China Chamber of International Commerce;Beijing United intercontinental Equity Fund Management Co., Ltd.;China Nuclear E&C Group; and had held talks with the directors above respectively. They had a deep communication and reached a preliminary consensus on the 5th Issyk-kul Economy Forum, Khorgos Business Forum, China-Georgia economic and trade cooperation Forum, Silk road economic belt researching project, Overseas investment and trade consultation of Chinese enterprises, Business Investigation, training on “Going global” and “Bring in “strategy, and Huahe Business Platform.